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I thought it was about time for a Book Blowout mini challenge – and since it’s Sunday figured I’d throw it open to my Sunday Salon visitors too.

The Where’s your book set? meme

Here’s how it works – just answer some or all of the following questions about the book you are currently reading (or just finished if you are between books). You can either post your answers on your blog and link us up using Mr Linky below – or post your answers here in the comments.

Here’s the questions:

1. Title and author of the book

2. What year is the book set in?

3. What happened on this day in that year? Go to google and type in the date ie 13 July 1952 and see if you can find a news item for that day

4. Where is your book set?

5. Have you visited that place before? If yes tell us something about your trip. If no, look the location up on google and tell us an interesting fact about the city/country.

Add the meme to your own site

Thanks to Dew over at The Hidden SIde of the Leaf I found out that you can post this Mr Linky box on your post too – so that if anyone plays the meme at your site the central list is updated and we can all see each other’s posts! Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to the Mr Linky site and register (only needs to be done once).
2. Go to the Mr Linky widget wizard.
2. Click the button for your server.
3. The Mr Linky I use is “original” but some people prefer image linkies.
4. In the “select a meme” drop down menu, find the Where’s your book set meme.
5. Generate and paste the code into your post.

My answers:

1. Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

2. Sometime in the 50s

3. On July 13, 1952 East Germany announced formation of its National People’s Army. (Wikipedia entry)

4. New York City

5. I first visited NYC in July 1999 – I blew what was left of my student loan to take my younger brother on a “graduation trip” – so we could see Counting Crows and Metallica at the 25th anniversary Woodstock Festival. It was my first trip abroad without my parents and I remember thinking that the Empire State Building didn’t look as tall as it did on the tv… until we got up to the viewing platform!

I’m taking my husband on to the Big Apple in September this year – it will be his first trip and I’m looking forward to showing him the sights.

I hope you’ll join in – feel free to use the Mr Linky and tag your readers too.

Happy Sunday

Mrs S

 Sunday Salon | Book Blowout | A where's your book set meme
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